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If you'd like to attend the fellowship luncheon, you can select the secure PayPal link above or below

and make your donation. Be sure to include "Women's Fellowship Luncheon" in the Memo portion.

You can also download the Givelify app and make your donation there.



You now have more ways of giving to the ministry. You can click on the PayPal link at the top or bottom of this page or search for Moments of Blessings on the Givelify app to make a donation. You must download the app via the App Store for iPhone or Google Play Store for Androids. It's giving made easy. Be Blessed!




Our Leaders

The late Apostle Bishop James & Dr. Marie Archie have ministered in the Central Valley for over 47 years and still going strong

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Join Us on LiveStream

Every Sunday morning and Sunday evening, we livestream our services. If you cannot make it out physically to worship tune in

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Contact Us!

We are located in the heart of the retail community known as Riverpark. We meet regularly during the week and Sunday's.

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